Erik Z says... Bike Fail!

Erik Zobler is a Grammy-winning mixer/mastering/recording/live sound engineer-producer whose credits include George Duke, Miles Davis, Anita Baker, Kenny Loggins, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Learn more about Erik and the rest of our riders on our team page.

Jeri and I took our new Specialized bikes back East to continue training, but I had to fly back home to work on projects for Guy Moon (music for Rocky & Bullwinkle, a new Dreamworks TV show), Jeremy Rubolino (the trailer for upcoming live-action feature The Little Mermaid; I mixed the music for the movie last December), Marilyn Scott, and classical guitarist Andrew York (mixing and mastering). In other words, I be been BUSY!

Since my “good” bike is back east, I pulled out my 32-year-old Nishiki and I have been sneaking in some good hill climbs. But not today.

Bike Fail!

First, my chain started to come apart (replaced by REI).


Then, my gear shifter fell off my handlebars as I was riding down a hill.

EZ bike Fail 2.JPG

Impossible-to-find screws were replaced (by me!) after trips to multiple hardware stores, and voila!

My Nishiki rides again.

Sarah Jones