David F says... Working HARD With My New Trainer

David Francisco is the inspiration for the David Francisco Ride for Hope because of his battle back from a debilitating spinal injury. While riding his bicycle home from his school, The Blackbird Academy in Nashville, he was struck by a distracted driver who ran a red light at a busy intersection. David’s injuries included a broken spine, severe lacerations and bruises. The following year was intense, full-time rehab, where David focused all of his efforts on regaining any possible mobility. Learn more about David on our team page.

I got a new personal trainer at CORE physical therapy! It’s just five minutes from my house, which in California is incredible.

James is incredibly positive, and full of energy, and gets me energized to work even harder. My first day, we did—get this—lateral shuffling, HURDLES (six inches, but still!), squats, and other leg lifts.

Needless to say, I haven’t been that sore in months! I’m going to be strong for this ride!

Not only this, but someday he wants me to do a MARATHON! Can’t hurt to try :)

Sarah Jones