Sarah says... Livin' It Up on a LimeBike

I’m the non-cyclist on team DF Ride for Hope. I mean, I own a bike, but it’s an old hand-me-down that weighs about 80 pounds and probably tops out at about six miles per hour, with a rusty old chain and pedals that fall off at the most inconvenient times.

We’re so proud that LimeBike is onboard as a sponsor of the ride; the company is generously providing a luxe Mercedes van for the 12-day trip down the coast. I’ve been noticing lots of LimeBike bike shares and Lime-S electric scooter shares cropping up in my neighborhood here in Oakland, so today I decided to take a couple of these slick little vehicles out for an adventure on wheels.

The rental process is simple: Download the LimeBike app, find the nearest bike, electric bike, or electric scooter, pay a buck to unlock your ride, and off you go! Unlike some other bike shares in the Bay Area, the LimeBike bikes and scooters aren’t docked; you just come and go as you please.  

It’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun for less than three bucks! Next up, I can't wait to put an electric LimeBike through its paces on the hills of downtown San Francisco. Could a coastal trek be on the horizon?

Sarah Jones