Jeri says... We Survived Fires and Flu; a Little Rain Can't Stop our Solvang Ride!

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Well, here we are. On our way to our first serious organized bicycle ride in preparation for the “big one”: our 500-mile Ride for Hope in June. It's been an interesting journey, to say the least!

We were doing great with our training, doing 40+ mile rides, with the longest being 52 miles a day—quite the confidence booster!

And then, the unforeseen setbacks: The fires, the flu, and a cascade of unpredictable circumstances that set us back a ridiculous 2 or 3 months. We bought these amazing new carbon bikes and rode them ONCE before having to pack our house due to the fires in LA (which lasted a solid three weeks). Thankfully, we were fine, and came out unscathed.

So, we try again. A 46-miler across the long end of the San Fernando Valley. Boom, we're back! And two days later I get the flu….THAT flu! My flu lasted a solid month and a half (and left a deadly trail in its path)....and my lungs suffer to this day. (That's another blog.)

So, here we are on our way to Solvang, for the Half Century Ride! We paid months in advance for this ride that we've only been able to train for over the past two weeks! And guess what? They're calling for 100% rain! You can't make this stuff up!

But there ARE perks…. it's in the middle of Santa Barbara wine country!

#benefits #rewards

Will keep you posted!!!

Sarah Jones