Kevin says... Avoiding the "Bonk"

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We’re coming down to the last couple of months before our ride, so we’re starting to choose our food for the road. We’re using, based in Colorado, which is a service run by athletes, for athletes. Their selection is deep and they are always willing to chat online to help you with your choices.

Fellow rider David Rideau and I put our heads together and figured out a calorie target for each day, then we both put a list of items together, some of which you can see in the photo. (Ignore the pizza box!)

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be testing these items on my training rides for flavor and effectiveness in supplying the energy I’ll need on the road. On rides like ours, eating often, in small amounts is the key to avoiding “bonking,” the sudden and overwhelming feeling of running out of energy.

Here are my choices, and their calorie counts:

JoJe Bar: 275

Betty Lou PB&J Bar: 210

Cliff Builder's Bar (Vanilla/Almond): 270

GoMacro Bar: 110

Skratch Labs Sports Hydration Mix: 80

Honey Stinger Chews: 160

Infinit Go Far Energizer: 280

This oughtta keep us fueled for a while!

Bonk Pic.png



Sarah Jones