Kristi says… What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!?

Kristi Anne Platillero has lived in Southern California since 2009. Kristi spent many years traveling the world teaching music and dance as company manager of the Young American Music Outreach Tours, and she’s currently a performing cast member at Disneyland. Learn more about Kristi on our team page.

I would consider myself a very active and fit individual. In Illinois, I grew up dancing, performing, and playing sports. Now in California, I continue to dance professionally, practice power yoga consistently, and workout on a weekly basis. But out of all the physical activities I have enjoyed in my life, cycling has never been one of them. It’s not that I don’t enjoy bike riding! It’s just not a sport I ever dove into. And now I am about to do a 500-mile bike event...on a tandem bike...with my husband, who suffers from partial paralysis in his legs...ha ha, WHAT?!?

Yes, I am overwhelmed, intimidated, and slightly nervous. Long-distance exercises were never my forte; I am a sprinter, not a marathoner. So this event will challenge me mentally, physically, AND emotionally. If you have never ridden a tandem bike with your spouse before, you should try it; it’s great marital counseling—if you can make it to the end without strangling each other ; ) Kidding...but it tests your trust and communication skills!

But seriously, thinking about doing more than 30 miles a day on a bike with extra body weight is super daunting. I have been working on those quads like nobody’s business! And we are working up to those high-mile rides...our best is 10 miles in about an hour. Not bad for a baby cyclist and a former paraplegic!

Why am I doing this? It is extremely crazy...some would say impossible. But I have the privilege of standing beside one of the most determined and dedicated individuals, my husband David Francisco. If HE has NO FEAR about a 500-mile bike ride, after being PARALYZED while getting hit on his bike...then I have no reason to feel inadequate. I have fully functioning legs!

So, my “why” is David. HE inspires ME to break through my boundaries and overcome my fears. He encourages me, and I support him.

Here it goes: crazy, but possible!





Sarah Jones