Dave Rideau says... Riding Smart With the Ride With GPS App

Rider Dave Rideau is a Grammy winner and four-time Grammy nominee who has been making records and mixing for film and TV for more than twenty years. Get to know Dave on our team page.    

Team Leader Kevin turned me on to a new riding app recently.

Let me start by saying that all of us on this ride are software and hardware geeks. (It's a vocational hazard.) I had been using the Map My Ride app on my smartphone for the last few years, with ok results. Kev mentioned Ride with GPS to me and I started noticing it on a lot of sites, including my upcoming Solvang Half Century ride homepage.

I have since loaded it on my phone, and it's awesome. It enables me to share and import rides for comparison in distance, max grade, pace, elevation gain, speeds and more. (You were warned: We are geeks.)

Of course team leader Kevin has been loading our ride into the app, and of course I have been studying (some say obsessing over) it.

One segment of our ride you will be hearing a lot about is the hill on Nacimiento-Ferguson road. It is by far the hardest day, and so of course it needed that extra level of obsession. Results below...

Sarah Jones