Dave Rideau says... Ramping Up With the Solvang Half Century Ride

Rider Dave Rideau is a Grammy winner and four-time Grammy nominee who has been making records and mixing for film and TV for more than twenty years. Get to know Dave on our team page.    

I'm trying to get more serious about logging miles. To that end, Amy (my wife, who is in better shape than me) and I have committed to do The Solvang Half Century ride on March 10. For those who are not hip to it, yes, it is fifty miles, and yes there are hills involved. We've actually done it before on what turned out to be one of the windiest/coldest days in race history!

I enjoy riding with Amy; we even have cycled the south of France together. Oh wait! Kevin, our team leader for this ride, was supposed to be on that trip but I will let him tell that story...


Sarah Jones