Dave Rideau says... Celebrating My Sister and Mother

Rider Dave Rideau is a Grammy winner and four-time Grammy nominee who has been making records and mixing for film and TV for more than twenty years. Get to know Dave on our team page.     

I have so much to celebrate. The strong females in my family are my greatest sources of happiness, including my wife and my amazing little granddaughter. But I would like to put the focus on just two of them today: My mother Jacqueline and my sister LeiAnn.

My mom is a retired RN who raised four of us together with my father, Burl. Phoenix presented interesting challenges for a black family during these times but my Mom and Dad made sure they always provided us the tools to succeed.

My mother is in her nineties and despite the challenges that come with age she is still going strong. She is definitely one I am celebrating.

My sister is a warrior. She has a full-time job and a small business, and is primary caregiver for my mother. She and her husband Walter really stepped up when it was time for my mom to move out of her home.

Together with my two brothers, they are the best family ever!

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Sarah Jones