Kevin says... Conquering the Epic Detour

Our co-director, Kevin Becka, is a recording engineer, educator, musician, and journalist. Get to know Kevin by visiting our team page.

Day five of our ride will take a challenging turn inland so we can bypass the Mud Creek Landslide that hit the California coast in May of 2017. The slide deposited material 600 feet out into the Pacific Ocean, creating 15 acres of new land and shutting down the coast highway until late summer 2018.

The good news is that we have a solid alternate route to circumvent the slide; the bad news is the elevation gain is 2,700 ft. over seven miles. To train for this day, I’m “virtually” riding the day on my TDF 5.0 indoor bike from ProForm. It not only allows me to ride the exact route via Google Maps, but the bike moves 20% up and down to replicate the terrain and adjusts the magnetic flywheel tension to my pedals from data gathered from the Google car and satellite.

Check out the photos below I sent to the team with notes on the climb from screen grabs I took while riding. I plan on riding often while training to take the sting out of the day when we’re there.

3 Miles.jpg
3 to 4.jpg
Mile 5 to 6.jpg
The Burn.png
Sarah Jones